Website Rules

No prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

No prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Never turn threads into flaming wars.

Never insult community members or guest.

Have an opinion on a matter? Great, tell us in a reasonable and constructive manner.

Advertisement of Other Servers is forbidden.

Wasteland Server Rules

Players found with three or more punished teamkills will receive up-to a three day ban, any player whom further sees fit to break this rule with continuous teamkilling may receive a permanent ban. (Excludes Independent Faction).

In-Game Voice Abuse.
Players found to be abusing global / side channels with voice chat may receive a 24 hour ban (streaming music and such is not allowed).

Players found to be using scripts or hack menus or injections of ANY kind will receive a permanent ban. Knowingly aiding and abetting a cheater may also result in a ban.

Trolling or Griefing.
Anyone found to be “trolling” or “griefing” other players depending on the severity may receive a permanent ban (depending on the admin’s discretion).

Friendly Asset Theft.
Anyone found to be “stealing” friendly assets from other teammates will receive up to a 5 day ban, this includes looting teammates waiting to be revived.(with the exclusion of the Independent Faction).

Friendly Base Sabotage.
Anyone found “sabotaging” friendly bases will receive up to a 7 day ban (with the exclusion of the Independent Faction).

Anyone found being racist or using excessive hatespeech will be banned permanently, this should be obvious to most.

​Anyone arguing with Server Hosts or WS staff members will be removed from the said server or servers; if you wish to discuss a ban for instance use the correct channels to do so (includes argumentative team-mates).

​Any persons or third party advertising on any of our servers will see their ArmA account permanently banned This does not include teamspeaks or other servers unless its done via global or side.

Glitching and or Bug Exploiting.
Players found to be exploiting in-game bugs or glitches of any kind may receive a permanent ban.

Donor Rules

No in-game perks, we don’t provide in-game perks for ARMA 3 Servers

Private Website Group.
Yes It’s coming and we are working on it in February

Discord Donor Channel.
Play with the other Donor in our donor channels

Reserved Server Spots.
Server full? if your a donor you have a spot.

Donations go towards the total server Box, not a individual game server.

Server Levels.
Server Levels aren’t player levels, they are server levels that every player gets at the same time, NO ONE get special in game perks at anytime for donating.