Mission Statement

Our Mission

Welcome to G4. Our group is of like-minded adults who truly enjoy gaming and the social opportunity that it creates.

We play mostly ARMA 3, but we play many games here. We are excited your actually reading this, that means you’re interested in G4 and we welcome you. We want our group to be a place for adults to enjoy any gaming environment and socializing with other members.  If you are overly concerned about your k/d ratio, are super serious, only care about winning at all costs and get upset if your teammates mess up….then this is not the group for you!

We are looking for friendly, funny, down to earth real people, no fakes, no racists or sexists. We’re not looking for members who must be on 24/7, but casual player that love to play as a team. If you don’t have any idea as to what you’re doing and need help, awesome. if you would love to crack jokes, or drink a cold one while gaming with your mates, perfect!

It’s important to note that while we want to be known as the good casual group that is relaxed and easy going we also are serious about this game and want to succeed and go far in it but in a very fun and entertaining way. After all, isn’t that why we game…..for fun and entertainment?!

Growing comes opportunity! We are a growing community, as such, our ranks will grow, we are always looking for members to climb up the ranks, but to be honest, we’re picky and it doesn’t happen overnight. We believe in you earning a title, you’re never entitled to it just because you want it.

If you’re still reading and liking what you see, then take a chance and join up! All that we ask is that you keep others in mind by not trolling, or complaining about everything, and please attempt to keep the language under control within reason as some of us have little ones that may be around.