About Us

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G4 has been around for years, before G4 was a MOH clan call Trust-Company, members come and go, but we stay true with our code of ethics. the standards of Professional Conduct (“Code and Standards”) are the ethical benchmark for mature G4 members around the globe,  regardless of race, cultural differences, or religion. Join us on our Discord and experience a different side of gaming.

How DO Server Levels Work?

Our servers need you to support them, they can’t run with out you! So please consider donating.

Player Donates

A player decides to donate

Sever Level Reached

If the amount pushes past the level threshold, server level advances to next level

When the server advances

At each level advance, the gear gets better and extra items are added to players

@ the end of each Month

The server level resets to zero, and the system starts all over

Discord Server

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